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Yarn Dyeing Skills

Drawing on the long held traditional skills of the workforce in the Langholm area, at FTS Dyers we are justly proud of the dedication and wealth of experience offered by our highly skilled staff.

We are committed to ensuring that these traditional skills are maintained and developed over the coming years and in addition to fully trained dyers, currently we employ 2 apprentice dyers who are being trained in-house to the highest standard.

Traditional skills are important in the textile industry, but so are modern production methods.  At FTS Dyers, we combine both to great effect, dyeing yarns for clients all over the UK.

Our belief is that to ensure the continuing long term success of FTS Dyers and our commitment to our ever growing client base, we need to continually grow, augment and upskill our workforce. Our policy is to recruit young people and to educate them into our methods, ethos and way of thinking.

This commitment to the future will; for clients, ensure that standards are maintained and improved still further and that the continuity of colour matching is realised for the foreseeable future.

Yarn Dyeing Skills


Frank Steele Managing Director
Frank Steele

David Barton Production Director
David Barton

Laura Jeffrey Production Planning Manager
Laura Jeffrey

Company Engineer
Norman Waitt

Financial Controller
Douglas Beattie

Yarn/Twisting Manager
Nigel McCleary

Accounts Clerkess
Katrina Kenny