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Yarn Dyeing Equipment

At FTS Dyers, we operate 30 production yarn dyeing machines, ranging from 5kg, through to 1000kg, depending on the yarn and package type. Our yarn carriers are designed to accommodate many types of spinner's packages, and we have a soft-winding facility, should the package not be suitable.

All bulk yarn dyeing machines at FTS Dyers are micro-processor controlled and operate on a fully flooded principle, to the same dyeing procedures. The yarn dyeing machines are capable of working at temperatures up to 135°C if and when required; depending on the fibre type.

FTS Dyers also operate five small dyeing machines ranging from 0.5kg through to 3kg; these machines are offered to the design teams of existing customers for product development work.  Again they follow the same dyeing procedures as the bulk machines and the colour recipes are interchangeable.

FTS Yarn Dyeing Equipment